• Coast to Coast with AESAC in 2017 – By the Numbers

  • By: Bill Leedham, P.Geo, QP, CESA.
    This year was a very busy one for AESAC, with numerous ESA training courses being held across Canada. Many thanks go out to all the AESAC staff and my fellow instructors for their hard work; to our excellent guest speakers for their informative presentations; to our host venues for feeding us and allowing dozens of trainees to troop through their facilities during our 'mock-up' site inspections; and most of all, to all our valued attendees and AESAC members.  Looking back over 2017, a few noteworthy statistics come to mind. For your reading pleasure, I have summarized some of the more interesting numbers from this past year.
    12 - the number of ESA training courses held across Canada in 2017.

     4 - the number of provinces where AESAC held courses this year.
    13 - the number of provinces (9), territories (1), and American states (3) that were represented by AESAC course attendees in 2017.
    101 - the number of training course exams I marked this year.
    96.0 - the average exam mark for all the course exams in 2017.
    280 - the approximate number of hours I spent talking while presenting AESAC courses in 2017.
    22 - the number of guest speaker presentations this year.
    9 - the number of individual firms represented by our guest speakers in 2017.
    4 - the number of sample Ecolog-ERIS Site reports requested for course locations.
    6 - the number of conference room tablecloths ruined during the soil description exercises.
    32 - the number of ESA reports I reviewed this year for CESA and/or CESAII certifications.
    177 - the total number of ESA reference documents provided to attendees on each USB drive.
    1,664 - the estimated number of cups of coffee or tea consumed at AESAC courses in 2017.
    27,870 - the approximate number of kilometres I flew this year to present AESAC courses.
    1,300 - the approximate number of kilometres I drove this year to present AESAC courses.
    7 - the number of Instructor's Blogs I wrote for AESAC in 2017.
    4,802 - the total word count of the Instructor's Blogs I wrote in 2017.
    4,427 - the number of Power-Point slides I have clicked through for AESAC courses in 2017.
    16 - as of next month, the number of years I have been instructing AESAC courses.
    25 - as of next year, the number of years AESAC has been providing training courses.
    Undetermined - the number of local craft beers I enjoyed sampling across Canada this year.
    Look for more training courses, new course locations and events, and other exciting updates from AESAC as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary in 2018. 

    About the Author:

    Bill is the Head Instructor and Course Developer for the Associated Environmental Site Assessors of Canada (AESAC); and the founder and President of Down 2 Earth Environmental Services Inc. You can contact Bill at info@down2earthenvironmental.ca