• A Day in the Life, Part 2

  • Further to last month’s blog about the day to day activities of an environmental consultant; here are a few more ‘day in the life’ summaries for various disciplines in the environmental field. Realistically, you likely wouldn’t (or couldn’t) do all this in a normal workday, but it gives an idea of the tasks you may typically be involved in. As always, conditions and expectations in the real world can and will vary.

    Remediation Specialist

    • Review environmental reports, analytical data
    • Prepare and implement Remedial Action Plans
    • Perform bench scale lab and field testing
    • Conduct conventional site remediation (dig & dump)
    • Tank Removal and remediation of associated impacts
    • Conduct in-situ soil & groundwater remediation (oxidation, reduction, bioremediation, etc.)
    • Implement and interpret High Resolution Site Characterization investigations
    • Pre and post remediation Site monitoring
    • Assess and test new remedial techniques, equipment, products
    • Regulatory consultation and permitting
    • Liaison with consultants, regulators, site owners, sub-contractors

    Oil & Gas Consultant

    • Conduct Phase 1 ESA specific to O & G sector
    • Review air photos, production records, drilling logs
    • Review environmental reports, analytical data
    • Conduct Phase 2 ESA for Upstream O & G Sites
    • Conduct soil and groundwater sampling and analyses
    • Assess site impacts, restoration options
    • Prepare and implement Remedial Action Plans
    • Submit reports to regulator for approval
    • Regulatory consultation and permitting, Reclamation Certificates (AB)
    • Well Abandonment, Well Site Decommissioning, Site Reclamation
    • Liaison with O & G clients, sub-contractors, landowners, regulators

    Hazardous Materials Specialist

    • Investigate potentially hazardous building materials
    • Conduct pre-demolition or due diligence surveys for asbestos, lead paint, etc.
    • Conduct Designated Substances Survey and prepare report
    • Conduct Mould Surveys, indoor air quality testing
    • Prepare Asbestos Management Plans for building owners
    • Prepare/assist with bid and tender documentation for demolition/abatement
    • Supervise/document abatement & remedial activities for asbestos, lead, mould, etc.
    • Assist clients in response to regulatory orders for investigation/abatement
    • Radon testing and radon abatement
    • Regulatory consultation and permitting
    • Liaison with contractors, regulators, building owners

    I look forward to writing more Instructor’s Blogs in the new year. Keep safe everyone, and stay positive - 2021 has got to be better than 2020.


    Bill Leedham, P. Geo., CESA

    Bill is the Head Instructor and Course Developer for the Associated Environmental Site Assessors of Canada (www.aesac.ca); and the founder and President of Down 2 Earth Environmental Services Inc. You can contact Bill at info@down2earthenvironmental.ca