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    AESAC (Associated Environmental Site Assessors of Canada), is offering environmental training courses across Canada. Courses are offered over an intensive weekend session to minimize on time and expenses. In order to meet it’s mandate as a National Organization for training and certification of Environmental Site Assessors, AESAC has announced the following courses, dates and locations.


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    This is an intensive weekend session that is offered in a productive workshop atmosphere, providing attendees with the training required to conduct Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). The course is suitable for both experienced practitioners and those wishing to enter the site assessment field and/or wish to be recognized as Canadian Site Assessment professionals. Successful completion of this course along with passing the certification exam entitles the attendee to be eligible* for the C.E.S.A. (Certified Environmental Site Assessor) designation. *’must be an AESAC member and meet AESAC’s certification criteria which may include an evaluation for certification.

    Each step of the ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENT process is followed according to the CSA-Z768 guidelines. AESAC members who successfully complete the exam held on the last day of the course, and meet AESAC certification criteria, are eligible to receive the C.E.S.A. designation.
    New for this course is the hands on workshop taking place during the new third day of the course. Here Attendees will conduct a Phase I report writing exercise on a real subject property. Followed by the Certification exam which is now also held on the third day.

    New for the Ontario Course only is the inclusion of the new MOECC Ontario Regulations (O.R.)153/511 and amendments. These additions contain valuable information regarding the mandatory regulations for practitioners operating in Ontario.
    New MOECC Topics include:

    • History of the regulatory changes,
    • Overview and objectives of Ontario Regulation (O.R.) 153/511 and amendments,
    • Differences between O.R. 153/511 and CSA Z768-01,
    • Change of Property Use and the Record of Site Condition,
    • Role and responsibilities of the Qualified Person,
    • Use of prior ESA reports,
    • The “Phase I Study Area” and “Enhanced Investigation Property”
    • Expanded Phase I research,
    • Conducting the Site Investigation,
    • The Phase I Conceptual Site Model,
    • Reporting requirements,
    • Introduction to the MOE standard Phase II ESA,

    Three days- $1795.00* includes, refreshments, step by step manual, exam preparation, final certification examination. ( this is a prerequisite for certification) REGISTER for Phase I Course

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    The Course is suitable for both experienced practitioners and junior or intermediate professionals wishing to expand their knowledge and/or obtain certification. Previously completing the AESAC Phase I training course is recommended. This course provides in depth instruction and training on the Phase II Environmental Site Assessment process.

    Successful completion of this course along with passing the certification exam entitles the attendee to be eligible for the CESAII (Certified Environmental Site Assessor Phase II) designation.

    Course fee includes step-by-step manual, drilling/sampling exercises, take home assignments, exam preparation, and final certification examination (prerequisites for CESAII certification). Lunch and refreshments are provided.

    Course topics include:

    • How to Design a Phase II to Meet the Primary Assessment Objectives
    • Conducting a Phase II to meet CSA Z-769-00 Guidelines
    • Overview of Applicable Environmental Regulations
    • Sampling plans, health and safety plans
    • Drilling & Sampling, Monitoring Well Installations, Water sampling, and much more.
    • Laboratory Data Analysis, reviewing and reporting
    • Case Studies, Group Projects, and take home assignments
    • Expert guest speakers
    • CESAII Certification Exam

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    Three Days- $1895.00*. Included: Refreshments, Step-by-step Manual, and Certification Exam

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    Register for Both the Phase I and Phase II course and Save up to $700.00! Click here

    * Prices include $100.00 early registration discounts. Applicable taxes are not included.



  • NEW Training Course: Environmental Site Assessments on Upstream Oil & Gas Wellsites & Facilities in Alberta

    This course is exclusive to Alberta and designed to educate Alberta Environmental Consultants, Wellsite operators, and Individuals looking to enter the Oil & Gas industry, step-by-step the mandatory procedures for conducting a Phase 1 on an Alberta Oil and Gas Wellsite and/or Facility. This 2 day course follows the Alberta Environment Guidelines for Phase 1 ESA for the purpose of reclaiming Oil and Gas Wellsites and Facilities. This course also provides an overview of the Phase 2 and Reclamation processes.Click here to download the ESA Upstream Oil & Gas Course Outline



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